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How to add a new user to your River2

You can have multiple users for your River2 installation. Each user has their own list of feeds, and their own news page. However, if two users are subscribed to the same feed, the feed only has to be read once by River2.

1. Think of a username for the new user. It should not contain any spaces or punctuation, just letters and numbers. The first character in the username must be a letter. The username is not case-sensitive. Examples of valid usernames: mookie, mook1e, m00kie. Also think of a password, it can contain any characters you like and of course is case-sensitive.

2. If you have an OPML subscription list for the new user, make sure you have the URL of the list handy. You will need it in step 4.

2. Bring the OPML Editor app to the front.

3. Choose Add New User from the River2 sub-menu of the Tools menu. A dialog appears. Enter the new user's name. A dialog appears asking for the new user's password. Enter it and click on OK. At this point the new user has been created. The next part is optional.

4. A dialog appears asking if you have an OPML subscription list for the user. If you do, click on Yes. The next dialog asks for the URL, enter it into the dialog, and click OK. It will then subscribe to every feed you are not already subscribed to. If there are a lot of new feeds, this could take some time. When it's finished, a dialog appears confirming that the new user has been created and all feeds have been subscribed to.

How the new user's pages work. If the new user's name is mookie, you can access his or her news page through this URL on the local machine:

If the machine is accessible over the Internet, you can replace with its IP address or host name. And if your server is configured to respond on port 80, you can omit the port.

An example of such a URL:

Of course it will ask for mookie's password, which is secret, so that's as far as you can go. :-)

Give the username and password to the person using this account and they're ready to go. The links at the top of the page point to users' version of those pages.

Why does this page show up in my referrer log?

When NewsRiver scans it sets the Referer header to point here.

Security prefs

If you're running River2 on a net-accessible computer, it's highly recommended that you protect it with a username and password. You may want to make the reading functions open, but only protect the posting functions, ones where remote users can change prefs or subscribe to feeds or reading lists.

By default, River2 security prefs are set to disable remote access and to require remote login. The default username is "admin" and a random 10-character password is generated.

The security prefs are (of course) on the Prefs page. The local user has full admin ability, and can change the username and password and all security settings.

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